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Your special ingredients:

Whatever you wish on your special day!
Sea bass or steak or both? Ethnic foods that pay tribute to your heritage? Local foods in season? Crispy mini cones stuffed with seafood ceviche? French pastries or cupcakes? Sushi or Southern fried chicken? Elegant Event Decorations & Catering specializes in creating wedding receptions that cater to your desires.

Our elegant presentation:

To be sure, every bride wants her wedding to be unique. But most of all, she wants it to be joyful. It’s our goal to bring all the joy imaginable to the wedding couple, their family and friends through the presentation of food and mood. All we need is your cue, and we’ll deliver an event uniquely yours, from a formal served dinner with candlelight and roses to a light, late supper where the focus is on dancing the night away or maybe a black tie-and-boots, Western-style barbeque.

One outstanding performance:

We strive to make our performance flawless from the opening act to the final curtain. When it comes to service, Elegant Event Decorations & Catering knows how to listen before we leap to ensure we have an accurate and complete picture of your vision, needs, and budget. From there, we will prepare a full event concept, menu, and plan, then put it together with panache.

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